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Our Process

1. Information Meeting

During the initial meeting we will thoroughly discuss your goals, your views on market risk and your overall experience as an investor. In addition, we ask you to bring along any important documents, (tax returns, financial statements, wills, etc.)

2. Presentation Meeting

Acting solely in the interests of clients and with undivided loyalty the advisors at Rosemont will deliver a customized plan that includes personal strategies that integrate investment planning, retirement income and distribution planning, family wealth planning and tax reduction planning that reflect your specific goals.

3. Implementation 

After presenting and thoroughly explaining our recommendations, we ask you to sleep on things before making any commitment. Upon your approval and with any necessary adjustments we’ll implement your financial plan.

4. Review Meeting

Performance of your portfolio and its underlying investments will be monitored and reported on an ongoing basis to assure that your plan is adapting to market and life changes. Necessary adjustment decisions are conducted in a thorough and prudent manner and communicated to the client in order to keep your financial plan on target.