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Corporation & Businesses

Communication & Education Consulting

We evaluate, develop, and implement education and communication objectives based on your participant demographics.

Fiduciary Risk Management

Review fiduciary responsibilities to establish a suitable best practice that is in line with your company’s IPS.

Executive Compensation

Assist companies in developing a solid benefits package when circumstances require additional retirement and compensation plans in order to provide an adequate retirement planning solution for highly compensated executives.

Retirement Services

Rosemont Financial Group is an Independent financial services firm committed to providing independent and objective advice when advising on 401(k), 403(b), 457, defined benefit and deferred compensation plans. The advisors at Rosemont Financial have the skills to create new plans, revise existing plans, and assist with communication, compliance, and process implementation. We educate and guide plan sponsors with forward-looking planning strategies, following an organized results driven fiduciary process when meeting plan sponsor objectives through proper due diligence.

Investment Analytics

Review a plan’s investment strategy through a comprehensive process to analyze, monitor, track, and replace investments to ensure a plans investments are diversified and well managed.

Impartial Vendor Review

Analyze current vendors’ expenses and fees as a fiduciary responsibility, and benchmark vendors to validate a prudent vendor selection.

Compliance Consulting

Evaluate current plan features and fiduciary practices to ensure compliance with applicable laws and recommend actions.

Rosemont’s objective is to deliver solutions by identifying opportunities for improvement that are easy to understand, affordable, easily implemented, and quantifiable. We pride ourselves in partnering with our clients through each detailed step, reaching the objectives together, making sure they are not left to navigate through the solutions process alone.