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Check These Items Off Your List Before You Close On Your Home

Check These Items Off Your List Before You Close On Your Home

January 17, 2022

Though it can be a stressful time in the home buying process, there’s no need to sweat closing on your home. Avoid any surprises on closing day by keeping these important tips in mind!


Cover all your bases by accounting for everything­: mortgages, extra income, car payments, HOA fees. Staying on top of your financial transactions prior to closing is really important, especially while things like loans are still being approved and processed. It’s important not to change anything that would heavily impact your financial state. Therefore, you should be paying close attention to what you are buying as you near closing. 

Home value

Be aware of any outstanding projects. Invest some time in making sure there are no future renovations or changes in place that could significantly impact the value of your home.

Home warranty

Is the seller offering a home warranty? If not, it’s still important to have one. This is just an easy way to cover yourself in case a problem arises down the line. If the buyer isn’t offering it, don’t fret—it’s not something that should put a very big dent in your budget.

Change your locks

It can’t hurt to be extra cautious, as you never know who still is hanging on to a spare key­ from the previous homeowners. Call a locksmith and start fresh to take your safety a step further.

Pay attention to documents

Read over everything. While seemingly obvious, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with signatures and paperwork, so remember to slow down. Paying close attention now may save you from potentially more time-consuming trouble down the line.


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