First Quarter 2014 Market Summary

For the past five quarters – in fact, for the past five years – stocks have trended relentlessly higher with only minor interruptions. Most recently, those brief stock market corrections have been tied to the Federal Reserve’s talk of “taper” – the winding down of its...

6 Party-Perfect Recipes for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the time to go all out — with dress, food, and celebrations as you celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. Whether you want to spend hours baking and preparing or are pressed for time and need a quick and easy treat, here are...

Are Stocks Overpriced And Forming A Bubble?

Invented by the 2013 Nobel-prize-winning economist Robert Shiller, the Shiller PE is a widely-watched measure of the stock market’s health, and it recently turned negative, indicating the U.S. stock market is overpriced and ripe for a fall. Should you worry? As the stock market was soaring to new highs just before the start of 2014,

GDP Growth Data Masks Strength Of The Recovery

Economics 101 teaches you that you that growth in the economy is measured by gross domestic product (GDP), but factors included in calculating GDP are masking an important trend in the economy that investors should be mindful of.GDP is the sum total of consumer spending, investment made by the private-sector…

A New Asset Class To Watch – Carefully

For the five-year period that ended September 30, 2013, four of 12 major asset classes lost value while eight posted positive total returns. Master Limited Partnerships, an asset class that did not exist a decade ago and mainly invests in oil and gas companies, trounced all asset classes in five-year cumulative returns. What are they?

How To Drill For Top Tax Benefits In Oil And Gas

Turning a profit in the oil and gas business isn’t a straightforward proposition. Most individual investors in the energy market hold interests in limited partnerships, and this can be risky for anyone who lacks experience in this area. But with such risks comes the chance to take advantage of unique tax benefits that apply to oil and gas investments.

Build On The Four Key Tax Pillars Of Real Estate

Commercial real estate can be a productive investment. If rental income flows in, it will provide a steady return on the capital you’ve invested, and if prices rise, you may be able to sell your interest at a profit. Of course, it doesn’t always work out that way. But there also are potential tax advantages that can make such investments very appealing.

Five Ways To Plan Smarter And For The Long Haul

Maybe you’re in the homestretch before retirement or perhaps you’ve already stopped working. If you’ve been diligent in setting aside funds to sustain you through your golden years, congratulations are in order, but you can’t rest on your laurels. As life expectancies continue to increase, it’s more important than ever

Do You Know The Basics Of 401(k) Retirement Plans?

How much do you know about your 401(k) plan? Often, even though employer-sponsored retirement plans may make up the bulk of employees’ retirement savings, participants understand less than they need to about how this savings vehicle works. Here’s a primer covering 10 crucial facts: 1. You benefit from tax-favored treatment.